Is it possible to predict death?

Blog Title: Is it possible to predict death?


In this modern age, scientists are introducing simple and innovative ways to diagnose diseases. In this regard, German researchers have developed a wire laser radar system for early warning of stroke or heart attack, which can predict the time of death a few days ago. If radar can be used to determine the position of a watercraft, to estimate the altitude of an aircraft, and to detect high-speed vehicles on the highway, then of course this technology can also be used in the medical field.

According to Alexandzko Lippen, a professor at the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany, radio sensors have the potential to make medical examinations as easy, safe and effective as possible. Alexander and his team were the first researchers in Europe to develop such a radar system. Which is used for medical examination.

His team at the High Frequency Technology Institute has developed highly sensitive sensors. They can be used to continuously monitor patients’ heart rate and respiration. Without wireless, vitiligo is detected with the help of electro-cardiogram (ECG) as well as electrodes and cables. They are connected to patients’ examination devices. Monitoring with radar technology is possible remotely and without any contact.

Professor Alexander Colpin adds that our sensors emit electromagnetic waves, which create reflections in the body. That is, the blood flowing in the arteries circulates like a pulse or wave, which feels like vibration. We can measure it with sensors and thus determine the various medical aspects of the cardiovascular system.

Experts now focus on the pediatric medical supervision of this research project. The German professor says that we are mainly focusing on epileptic seizures. Epilepsy that is not known to occur but is responsible for 20% of all sudden deaths in children

According to Professor Colpin, the reason newborns are not diagnosed with epilepsy is that they may not show changes in brain levels. The motor of their brain does not fully reach the level of conscious change. The use of sensors allows children to be monitored remotely without restricting their movements. Epileptic seizures can be detected and treated in a timely manner.

According to experts, the use of radar technology has proved useful for patients with corona. It can measure the heart and respiratory rate as well as the temperature. This means that we can use radar to estimate the severity of a corona virus infection in a patient, even without direct contact with the medical staff.

This way the medical staff is protected from infection and the corona patient is also examined. The heart radar system, developed with the help of this new technology, has been used in the palliative ward of the hospital in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany.


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