The Mystery of the Butterfly Travel

Blog Title: The Mystery of the Butterfly Travel

The fluttering of butterflies has long been a dilemma for scientists. Researchers have had a hard time understanding how this fragile body flies with its large but insufficient wings. According to scientists, this method also helps to protect butterflies from dangerous predators.


The flying species of animals have developed different ways to avoid death. Some have big and powerful wings that help them get out of danger quickly. The problem with these fragile bodies is that they are extraordinarily larger than the rest of the body, which is not capable of flying according to the rules of flight. Researchers in the 1970s theorized that butterflies can fly when they collide with each other, but no scientist has been able to demonstrate this while flying in the natural environment.


Now, Swedish scientists have used a wind tunnel or aerial tunnel and high-speed cameras to capture the butterfly’s particular flight pattern. And the hindquarters meet before the central part, forming a spherical or cup-like shape.

Experts believe that this behavior traps the air between the wings and when the wings are fully aligned, the air is rapidly expelled and pushes the butterfly forward. The researchers also developed two tweezers to test their theory. One was stiff and the other was as flexible as a butterfly’s wings.

The team of researchers found that when elastic winged tongs were tested in a wind tunnel, they produced dramatically more force. Is the number Scientists have concluded that the fluttering of large cup-shaped wings has put butterflies ahead of predators during their evolution.


Researchers believe that their research could be useful for other areas of life. Some drones and submarines are already using propulsion systems, or propulsion systems, to a limited extent. He says that the performance of these machines can be improved by adopting the style of flying butterflies.

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